URL Render - Privacy policy

Url render does not process or hold personal user data. Url render only handles non-personal user data required for its features, the type of informations are store in the localStorage. The list of the informations we store on localStore are :

  • shortcutOnly : setting set on settings panel to define if the user want to use short only
  • shortcut : the shortcut set by the user to trigger the extension
  • mouseHoveringTimer : the time needed to hovering a link to trigger the extension
  • isTriggerInstant : user choice to instant trigger the extension while hovering a link
  • containerWidth : the width of the iframe
  • containerHeight : the height of the iframe
  • containerTop : the top position of the iframe
  • containerLeft : the left position of the iframe
  • hasResized : if the iframe was resized
  • hasDragged : if the iframe was mooved
  • isAutoSize : if the iframe is in autosize mod
  • isSavedWhileHeaderShown : if the size of the frame was saved while the header of it was shown
  • compteurSuccess : the number of successfully trigger
  • isHideHeader : if the header is in auto hide mod
  • isShowAds : if we show ads while 15 links was triggered successfuly
  • showAllWebsites : if the user decided to use the extension on all websites

Feature: Error page shown by url render

When your browser encounter any listed type of error :

  • net::ERR_SSL_
  • net::ERR_CERT_

The extension send a https GET request to url-render.com/error this call contain some non-personal data used to inform you on what happend. The extension send, the url you tried to access and the error code that have been received by your browser when trying to access the website. we are not storing/selling or using informations. The informations are used to show you, whats gone wrong with the extension.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at :

  • url-render@outlook.com