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Url render is the ideal browser extension to increase your productivity while searching the web.


Works on

  • logo of google chromeGoogle
  • logo of yahooYahoo
  • logo of bingBing
  • logo of duckduckgoDuckduckgo
  • logo of qwantQwant


Works on all websites


Works on logo of google chromeGooglelogo of yahooYahoologo of bingBinglogo of duckduckgoduckduckgologo of qwantQwant.


Works on all websites

Preview and navigate though websites from search result pages

The browser extension permit you to navigate websites without leaving the search results pages. When you over a link on the search result page it open the website on the free space and allow you to preview - navigate on it. The browser extension is meant to increase your efficiency and speed, allowing you to find the information you need more rapidly.

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Manage settings by clicking the extension icon on your browser


You can register a shortcut to use in combination while hovering a link to show the website.

Shortcut only

The shortcut only setting allow you to show a website only when you combinate shortcut and hovering a link.


With this setting you can manage the time needed to hover a link before the extension show you the website.

Instant rendering

The first link you are hovering is automatically render without waiting the delay if you set this setting to true.

settings panel

Show ads

In order to support the extension, we have implemented a system that show you some ads every 25 links succesfully shown to you with the extension. You can decide to stop this feature by triggering this setting.

Hide the header

When you render a website with the extension, an header appear on top of the rendering window. On this header you can have access to different icons that permit you to resize/move the rendering window and access to the url. With this setting set to true, the header is hidding after a short time.

What is premium plan?

Premium plan allows you to use the extension on all websites